Vita Ivicic is a Slovenian born designer and artist.

She graduated from Chelsea College of Art & Design and

Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design London

where she studied Textile Design specializing in Knitwear.

She is designing Womenswear collections, curating exhibitions

and exploring how to modernize production of traditional textiles.

In 2017 she won  award for the most innovative and experimental

collection at Mittelmoda Fashion Competition in  Milan, Italy.

Her work is based and inspired by sustainable design. She finds

inspiration in all kind of floral elements and flowers, nature,

vintage textiles and traditional materials from all over the World.

She is using only natural dyes and working with natural materials .

She spents her time wandering and dreaming on flower

fields and forest when she is not working in her studio. She

likes being surrounded with beautiful objects and people.